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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for easy, trendy, fast home decor pieces that hail from Target, Home Goods, and on the special occasion Anthropologie. While I still love these places as go to’s for new pieces or inspiration, I’m slowly trying to adopt a few new mindsets when it comes to furnishing our home.

First, I’m trying just not to buy things. We already have so many, and even more seem to surface after a massive purge to our local donation center. While I tend to not change much often, when the feeling to decorate arises, I’m trying to “shop my house”. Sometimes all it takes to refresh a space is simply swapping out items you already own, change their position on a shelf, or create a simple small moment with them somewhere else in your house.

My second mantra for decor in our home in 2020 is to tap into the unexpected. Whether this is a brass object such as an old shoe horn placed just so on a stack of hardcover books, a random collection of my daughters heart shaped rocks in an olive wood bowl, or even a jar of a sea glass. These items are plentiful in our home and create a more organic style story than something I picked up on a whim.

Heart shaped rock collection that now doubles as decor with meaning to our family.

My third self inflicted decor rule that I’m trying to abide by in 2020, is to shop small and ideally – local. Etsy is slowly becoming my go to for pieces that I feel like I want to add to our home. I realize that Etsy isn’t a new concept to most. I have utilized the app over the last seven years or so, but never seek it out as my go to for home pieces. Usually it was my place for bows and moccasins for the littles, and inspiration for gifts for loved ones. Lately, when I feel inspired to decorate I’ve been turning to the app more and more to see what unique versions exist that revival their main stream look alikes.

Found a local artist who sells prints of her paintings of Virginia countryside. Not only she is a small business and local, but her prints are of places near and dear to us.
A second print from this local artist who sells prints of her paintings of Virginia countryside. Not only she is a small business and local, but her prints are of places near and dear to us.

I’m not claiming to give up on shopping all together. Instead, I’m trying to seriously limit what comes in versus what goes out. I feel like these subtle changes to my shopping habits will lend themselves to a more sustainable style, not to mention one that is unique and true to us. If you’re interested in trying to do more of the same, I’ve rounded up a few pieces that support small businesses and will provide you a more unique take on current trends.

A fun take on the wooden bead garland trend. The Etsy shop, sweetharvestdesigns, is located in Ashburn, VA and sells a multitude of colors and garlands. I personally love the indigo shade for a moody pop.
If you are in the market for a unique piece that could serve has a center piece or console catch-all, check out CheahaAntiques from Oxford, AL. I personally love the gray version, and would put moss, a trio of glass vessels, or bouquets of dried flowers in.
These sweet miniature terra-cotta pitchers from WildBriarCo could serve as intensely holders, paint brush holders, kitchen herb planters, bud vases, or even on their own.
KJensenArt prints are my new favorite. So much so that I purchased two for our dining room. Her art depicts beautiful landscapes of Virginia, and the blue tones truly represent the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
BasketsInTexas is a great place for all things woven and functional. This sweet little garlic storage basket would add functionality and style to any kitchen or pantry.
For a fun, whimsical addition to your home, these face vases might just do the trick. Shipping from Los Angeles KimistyDesigns might be worth a look if you’re in the market.
These retro style vases are a modern optical illusion that would look fantastic in any style home. Shipping from Charlotte, NC Dashessential is a great Etsy shop to check out.
Brass candle holders from EveryGoldenDetail located in Los Angeles, CA. These beauties remind me of similar timeless pieces from Pottery Barn or Anthropologie.

2 thoughts on “Home Style Alternatives

  1. These are some great ideas, Brit. Love the optical illusion vases. How the heck do you have time for this? Actually, good thing you are making time if it helps to keep you going-and sane.


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