Kicking Off Summer – Retro Style

This was a totally unnecessary thing to do, but I felt like doing something special for the girls to kick off summer, especially one that was following a weird year. I also felt like with their sister on the way and having to share a room, treating them to something of their own might make them feel special.

I love the retro jelly totes, but can’t quite justify them with all of the “mom” things I tote around with me. For the girls however, they make a sweet accessory or pool bag. These come in a few colors, but I opted for the lavender for H and the mint/sage for M.

Jelly totes

To go along with their totes, I got them each a pair of fun, ‘70s style sunnies. I loved these two sets from Etsy and hope the girls enjoy them as much as I liked picking them out.

H’s pair of retro sunnies
M’s pair of sunnies

The next part of their bags was a customized beach towel. I loved the colors and stripes of these Turkish ones on Etsy, and customization makes it extra special for them.

Turkish beach towels

Lastly I tucked in a bubble wand for each of them. It seemed like a great way to round out a summer kick off gift.

Bubble wands from Target

Other items that would be fun to include would be an old school disposable camera, lemonade mix, or sweet candies like lollipops or peach ring gummies. (A lot of times you can find cute packaged ones in line at Home Goods.) You could even add chalk or fun scrunchies. If it brings you some sort of nostalgia, then it probably would be a cute addition to these retro gifts.

Again, none of this is necessary to “kick off” summer – but I thought that it added a little fun to the beginning of the season. And better yet, all of these ideas can also be used as a birthday present or even a hostess gift.

Images are property of the vendors who sell the products in them.

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