Maternity Style: My Summer Essentials

Rarely do I buy anything bloggers and influencers share. (Ironic as I post this, I know – ha.) however after seeing this jumpsuit on another expectant blogger, I decided to try it out. Within wearing the gray for one day I went and purchased a second set in green. These jump suits are so comfortable and airy, come with pockets, and the best part – do not wrinkle in the dryer!
These are my fourth pair of maternity jean shorts from Target. I love the side panels which help in feeling cooler in the summer temps compared to a full panel short. They also are very affordable and comfortable for both pregnancy and post delivery; and help moms to be feel stylish and cute.
After four summers of “trying out” this style shoe on a version from Target (which mind you held up and we’re very comfy), I finally decided to spend the money on a pair of the classic hippie staple shoe – the Birkenstock. They are extremely comfortable, and can be paired with a wide variety of outfits. I personally love the bright white of these Arizona’s as I feel they modernize the shoe style a bit more. If you are not interested in investing in a pair of these however, these ones from Old Navy and Target are similar options for a fraction of the price.
This embroidered dress from Madewell is more of a splurge, but definitely worth it. This is not an actual maternity item, however works well for all body types. It is made of a thick linen blend and comes with pockets!
This lightweight ribbed maxi dress is not maternity, but when you size up it works well with an established bumped. This dress falls above the ankle and has a slit on one side. It is very comfy and stretchy and keeps you cool on a hot summer day.
I’ve been loving this biker short with oversized tee set from Amazon. It is not maternity but is super stretchy, and if you size up, can make it work with a bump. The sets are priced at $22 and come in multiple colors.
I recently purchased a pair of black maternity biker shorts from H&M which sadly seem to be sold out. However this two pack is a great deal for ultra comfort this summer.
This oversized tunic length black T-shirt from Old Navy pairs really well with both jean shorts and biker shorts. It is thicker in material, making it feel more luxe; and can be worn with the sleeves rolled or down.
Vintage slub knit T-shirt dress from Old Navy is non-maternity, but they do have a maternity version if that’s more your thing. I have a black and gray non-maternity from a few years ago that work well with or without a bump.
H&M ribbed tank dress is a steal for $18 and comes in a variety of colors. If you haven’t guessed, my style vibe is non-maternity (as much as possible) just sized up – and this is no different. Speaking of form fitting dresses, these smoothing shorts from Motherhood Maternity via Amazon have become an essential item to pull off this look.
When I was pregnant two summers ago I purchased a similar dress from Zara that I lived in. While mine is no longer for sale, this one is very similar. It is more of a splurge, but the style is classic and effortless.
I love this light and breezy beach cover up from H&M. It’s cute for the pool but also could be worn with cutoffs for running around the park or farmers market. It is large, so your normal size or down might work best. It is also see through so be mindful of you choose to wear it not over a bathing suit.
This tunic/dress from H&M is very affordable and comes in a few different neutral shades and this small floral pattern. While it isn’t marketed as a coverup, it would work well as one, especially if you are dashing to lunch or town after the beach.
I’ve always loved these pajama sets from Target. They look similar to more expensive brands, and are very soft and cool for a summer night. When I was pregnant two summers ago I upped a size in the blue and black sets and used them leading up to my delivery and then in the hospital – something I plan on doing again because normal clothes help make the hospital stay seem more enjoyable.
These maternity tanks from Target have been a staple of mine since my first pregnancy. In fact, I love them so much I wear them even when I’m not expecting. They are affordable and make a great closet staple.
Bought this maternity swimsuit for this summer. I like the fun colors of it and the vertical stripes will hopefully do their optical illusion thing and make me less beached-whale-like. Ha.

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Weekend Read: Mama-mantra – I will love my body

A few weeks ago I shared in a Weeked Read about Dove’s campaign to raise awareness and promoting body-positive awareness and images. The idea being that what we (and our children) see on social media and online can really have a damaging effect on how we perceive ourselves even when we know there are apps and edits done to a majority of those photos and images.

Even with the best of intentions we all are human and all have negative views of ourselves from time to time. It is hard to not get frusturated in a changing room when jeans that once fit no longer do. Those workout leggings that are comfy as anything show curves in places you may not want them to; and let’s not even talk about bathing suit season and tiny bikinis – aye.

During this pregnancy I began to show much earlier than my other children. This baby is also measuring slightly bigger than her sisters, so the sudden weight gain has been something that weighs (no pun intended) on my mind. It doesn’t help when I pass people and instead of meeting me in the eye, they glance at my stomach; or even exclaim that I’m about to “pop”. While this has made me self-conscious and been at the forefront of my mind, I realize that I have two small sponges at home who constantly are watching, listening, learning, and being molded by my words and actions. So it is because of this, that I am vowing to myself to start embedding more body positive words and phrases in my day-to-day, especially around my daughters – now and always.

When H was small, from time-to-time I’d tell her to say “thank you” to her body. She would ask me why, and I would explain to her that her body does so much. It allows her to run, skip, jump, and dance. It allows her to stretch, grow, and learn. It helps her breathe and move; and overall it is beautiful – inside and out. While my intentions are there during these convos, I could be better. If you are interested in learning more from experts in the health and wellness field on this topic, check out some of these quick reads.

5 Ways to Pormote a Positive Body Image for Kids by Dayle Hayes, MS, RD

Self-esteem in children: Ages 1-8

How to Foster a Positive Self-Image In Your Child…

Other ways to talk about self-esteem and positive body image are through stories. Some great options (there really are so many out there) for lessons on the matter include:

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patti Lovell

I Am Enough by Grace Beyers

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

Dear Girl: A Celebration of Wonderful, Smart, Beautiful, You! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal

Eyes That Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho

You Matter by Christian Robinson

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